Student Computing

As a student at MU, you are able to access a wide range of information and communication technology services to support your academic endeavors.  Your user accounts ( username and password) is your key to using these services.  Student computing labs are distributed across faculties and campuses. Some of these labs are managed for the faculty by DICT, while others are managed by faculty staff.  A range of software is made available to students at no additional cost.

Printing services  are available within and outside campuses for your own  cost.  The university also hosts  elearning system ( to which all students have access. Notes,  and additional learning material will be made available there by lecturers.

Your two main points of contact with DICT  are  via our DICT office located at ISIKE BLOCK or Our Help Desk System .

Everything you need to know

We have summarised everything you need to know about IT on campus in  MU  ICT Guide for  student(Guide is on preparation).

Access to services

Your access to various MU systems begins when you apply and will be removed when you conclude your studies at MU. This means that at the end of your course of study (either through dismissal, non-completion or successful graduation) you will no longer have access to MU systems, apart from your alumni account, which you have for life.

Systems you have access to:

Accessing services

A username and password combination is used to log on (authenticate) to the systems and services you will be using at the university. In most cases, you’ll use your student number (username) and your network password. However, some systems use slightly different usernames or passwords and this can be confusing, so we have created the following table as a guide.

System or service Use this username to log on Use this password to log on
eLearning Registration Number with small ‘t’ without slash(/)

eg. 11302310t.18

Your chosen password

Default password is mu12345678(remember to change it)

SARIS For Undergraduate students(Use Form Four Index Number).

For Postgraduate Students(Use Registration Number)

Your SirName(in small letter)
Internet access – wireless Your MU email account  Your choosen password
ARIS Registration Number Your choosen password
Admission Portal Your chosen username Your choosen password