Software Development and Application Department(SDA)

Mr.Senzota Kivaria

Head of Department

Responsibilities of Department

It deals with ensuring that the university has the right software within the established university standards to support all core activities.These includes managing software acquisitions,development as well as customization to fit the University needs.It is responsible in establishing the university standards that will ensure the security,confidentiality,privacy of transactions,data and information as well as supporting users in the cause of using the software systems to accomplish day to day activities.

Current Projects Under Department

      1. MU-ARMS
  • Online Application and Admission Portal(OAAP)
  • Students Academic Record Management System(SARMS)
  • Students Online Registration System(SORS)
  • Students Acommodation Managemet System
  • MU Alumni Database
  • File Tracking System


3. MU Websites Review

4. Mzumbe University Consultancy  Management System(muCOMAS)