The MU network connects and provides internet access and other services to customers on all campuses. To make use of these services, you’ll need to have  MU network and WiFi account.

How to Connect to the MU network

Your access to the internet depends on which device you are using. Consult the table below to find out how you should set up your internet connection.

Device type Instructions
PCs and other devices
Connection type: network cable only
Click here for procedures to set up cable connection.
Smartphones, tablets,Laptops  and other devices
Connection type: wireless only
Click here for procedures to set up wireless connection.

Rules for using the network

When you arrive at MU and registered as student or staff, DICT will  provide you with a network account. As a network user, you need to abide by the following MU policies:

  • Policy and Rules on internet and Email Use
  • Appropriate Use of Computer Facilities policy

Your username and password

Initially, you will be assigned a default password. Use this password the first time you log in, but change it as soon as possible because it will only be valid for a limited period. Read more about managing your password here.

How to Reset  Password for MU Network

In case you forget  password for accessing your Internet aa MU.Follow these procedures to Reset Your Password:

  1.  Open Your Browser and Types  in your Browser.
  2.  Click on “Click here to reset your password”
  3. Enter Your Email and Click on “Send Password Reset Link”
  4. Log to your Email and Open email Sent From
  5. Follow Instructions to Reset your Password up to end.
  6. Go Back to Captive Portal To gonin using your new Reset Password.