CR12 Computer Lab

This lab is under control of  School of Public Administration(SOPAM). DICT provides technical Support. SOPAM  manages lab bookings and ensures that students abide by the lab rules as set out in the General Rules and Polices .

Access to the lab

This lab is for all Postgraduate students.Its capable of accommodating 80 students at once.

Number of PCs

80 Computers.

What software is Installed at GENEVA Lab?

Name of Software Version Type of softare
Windows both windows 7 and 10 Operating System
Linux Operating System
Microsoft Office 2007 Application Software
Xampp Sever and Wampp Server Support php 5 and above Web development environment
NetBeans 7.1 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) .
SPSS 23 Data Analysis Tool

Opening hours

Term time Times Weekends and public holidays
Monday – Friday 07h00 – 16h30
Operating hours are subject to class bookings.
The lab is closed over weekends, public holidays and vacations.