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Department of Systems Management and Administration

Department of Software Development and Application

Department of maintenance and technical services

It deals with managing the overall infrastructure and systems of the university. Among other things the departments plans for hardware and network acquisition, expansion and administration. All issues related to servers, backups, local area network (LAN) (wired and wireless), Internet and Intranet services, users and resource management, and general control and security of ICT infrastructure and services. It is the core department in the DICT; other departments under the directorate rely on the successful implementation of her services.

It deals with ensuring the university has the right software within the established university standards to support all core activities. This includes managing software acquisitions, development, as well as customization to fit the university needs. It is responsible in establishing the university standards that will ensure the security, confidentiality, privacy of transactions, data and information, as well as supporting users in the cause of using the software systems to accomplish day to day activities.

It deals with ensuring the available university ICT technologies and services accessible and usable by the university stakeholders. It ensures the university employees and students are able to accomplish their responsibilities within minimum technical interruptions. Among other things the department ensures right technologies are acquired at the university, organizes routine services to all the university equipments, and deals with all issues related to technological standards and policies, and providing technical supports to users.

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