To support academic delivery, research and consultancy services at the university, DICT hosts a number of ICT services accessible to students, staff, stakeholders and partners. The following are some of services that are currently offered by the DICT:-

Mzumbe university local area network and Internet

Currently all university campuses offices, lecture theatres and seminar rooms are connected to the fast and reliable local area networks that through fiber backbone. Students, staff and other stakeholders have the choice to use wireless or wired network services. Dar es Salaam campus is connected to the Internet through national fiber backbone provided by COSTEC under the ministry of science and technology. Morogoro and Mbeya campuses are connected to the Internet through Tanzania Telecommunication communication limited (TTCL). Main campus is among piloted thirty two (32) Higher Learning and Research Institutions (HERIs) to be connected to the national fiber backbone through LASTMILE connectivity project. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year 2012. When the project is completed, member institutions are to benefit from a number of shared academic and research services as well as shared bandwidth. The available infrastructure provides the opportunity to users to benefit from the available Intranet and Internet services.

Academic record information system (ARIS);

The system deployed in 2011 and hosted at the university main campus the system provides core information base related to all student information from the time of enrolment, before and after graduation. It consists of modules related to student general information, academic programs and results, accommodation and financing. The system is open for more modules whenever need arises. Among other things the system is used to provide information needed to declare students results, progress reports and transcripts. Students, lecturers and other relevant stakeholders can access information from anywhere using the Internet.

Electronic learning system (e-learning)

The E-learning system addressed the growing number of students and cost of production materials, the university deployed the e-learning system at the university in 2009 and hosted at the main campus. Thesystem has improved student and lecturer communication and participation, also availability of course to students even when they are not at the institutions due to a number of reasons. Almost 20% of university modules are delivered in combination of e-learning system and the normal class session. The current university strategy emphasizes on the proper utilization of improving the e-learning services across the university campuses and in the future distance learning courses.

Electronic mail services

The Mzumbe email service is the main communication tool within Mzumbe university campuses. Staff and management use the service to share a range of information from individual to specific mailing lists. Currently the Directorate in collaboration with Google managed to establish and deploy student mail services through Google Apps technologies. The discussions and process to migrate staff mail services to Google servers is underway. If the migration process will be successful, the communication between staff, management, and staff will further be improved.

Electronic Library system

Together with Directorate of Library and Technical services, DICT has been supporting the library systems. Currently the university hosts the library system responsible in storing bibliographic details of books as well as controlling book circulation. Information about books and borrowers are now managed through the system. Together with library were working on deploying an Institutional repository that shall hosts all Mzumbe university scholarly materials. The process will requires installation of the system as well as digitizing the existing scholarly materials. Once completed the students and relevant stakeholders will have full access to digital copies of the locally produced scholarly materials.

Helpdesk services

To ensure staff and students enjoys our services, the directorate offers a dedicated helpdesk services to our customers. Every time there is a dedicated ICT staff to attend to customer enquiries and coordinate the case with other experts in the Directorate.

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