The Directorate of Information and Communication Technology have the following functions:

  • To advise the Mzumbe University (MU) management on the right ICTs to acquire
  • To advise the MU management on the acquisition of both hardware and software
  • To advise the MU management on the segmentation of the LAN to logical division
  • To advise the MU management on the development and maintenance of corporate and other databases
  • To advise the MU management on how to share resources in the LAN
  • To train users – students and employees – on new software
  • To service and repair computer systems and their peripherals
  • To organize and supervise major repair on ICTs in case MU technicians fail to solve them
  • To supervise and monitor the usage of computer equipment in staff offices and students’ laboratories
  • To develop and customize computer software
  • To set ICT utilization policy and user guidelines and oversee its implementation
  • To develop and maintain MU website
  • To ensure that the MU Local Area Network (LAN) works properly all the time
  • To design and facilitate specialized computer applications courses
  • Any other function as may be directed by the University Management through the Deputy Vice Chancellor.
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