The Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) was created in 2001 after the then Institute of Development Management was transformed to a University. Currently the directorate has offices in all of the available campus with qualified number of staff and resources responsible in mainstreaming the ICT services to support core activities at the university.

Our Vision

To facilitate the University with wide access to and utilization of ICT and to enhance the position of MU as center of academic excellence and its contribution to the sustainable development of society by using ICTs.

Our Mission

To provide technical support related to ICT services to all stakeholders of Mzumbe University and its partners.

Our services

The Directorate provides services like: Internet Services, User Training, User Support, ICT Equipment maintenance, Web software Ddvelopment and maintenance, Servers and Systems hosting, ICT short courses ..................... Read More

Our objectives

  • To ensure that the University is having the right technology at the appropriate time and with a right quantity and quality of the same.
  • To ensures that the ICT services are readily available to users in the University and downtime is minimal.

Our Functions

  • To advise the Mzumbe University (MU) management on the right ICTs to acquire
  • To advise the MU management on the acquisition of both hardware and software
  • To advise the MU management on the segmentation of the LAN to logical division
  • To advise the MU management on how to share resources in the LAN ..... Read More
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