computing labs support

Computing labs are situated across campus in faculty buildings and in some student residences. DICT, manage lab bookings, assist the faculty staff and students where necessary and ensure that the lab rules are followed.

DICT manages the labs that are listed below and you can contact the DICT using the details provided. Other labs on campus are managed by the faculty or department themselves.

Click on the lab link to find out more about opening times and the specialised software available in the lab.Join a writers` circle or evening class tick for more I started going to one when I was 14 and stayed until I left for university aged 18

Lab Contact person Who can use it? Lab location
JAICA LAB DICT All students taking courses in the Sciences and Technology Faculty. Haile Selasie Building 1st Flow Room No.
GENEVA LAB DICT All Undergraduate students. 1st Floor,Block D(Administration Block) Room.
B210 Computer Lab DICT All Undergraduate students. 1st Floor,Block B Room No.210
CR12 Computer Lab FST All Undergraduate and Postgradute students taking Courses in Faculty of Science and Technology.
CoEHME Computer Lab SOPAM All Postgradute students taking Masters in Health Monitoring and Evaluation. 1st Floor,Block D(Administration Block),Room No.D201
D203 Computer Lab FST All Postgradute students taking Masters in Science and Technology Faculty. 1st Floor,Block D(Administration Block),Room No.D203